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A few weeks ago I raised the question of whether the institutions could work together to improve the synergy between English departments in college and secondary education. Even though this week’s readings were supposed to shed light on this, most … Continue reading


Giselle’s post

Addison and McGee in Addison, “Writing in High School/Writing in College. Research Trends and Future Directions” remind us that high stake testing is driving k-12 instruction.  (152)  This obviously translates to writing assignments of shorter length since standardized testing is limited … Continue reading



After class, I remember a game my friend who teaches high school uses all the time. Kahoot allows you to create an online quiz, and when you hit play, it gives you a code that people can enter to play.  So, they … Continue reading

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Digital writing ideas

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Lots on our plate – having majored in IT in High School (yes, we pick a specialization when we are fourteen in Italy) this week’s topics particularly resonated with me. Let me begin by expressing my surprise in reading how … Continue reading