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Digital writing ideas

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Academia, Love Me Back

This blog post is making the rounds. Tiffany Martinez, a McNair scholar and undergrad, who writes about how a professor commented “This is not your word” when she used “hence” in her essay. Her story seems to being together some … Continue reading

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On college writing

The Chronicle just posted an article on teaching composition that’s making quite a few waves: Inside Higher Ed has already published a response: Embedded in these two articles is actually some timely discussion about revision and how/if we … Continue reading

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The Five-paragraph Essay

Today’s conversation made me think of this recent post on the five-paragraph essay. In it, author Kim Zarins links to another essay, “Slay the Monster! Replacing Form-First Pedagogy with Effective Writing Instruction,” by Kathleen Rowlands. They might be worth a skim … Continue reading

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One minute papers

Here’s the link to an article on one minute papers. I also wanted to share an article on discussion strategies.  

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Welcome to Queens College and to this fall’s teaching practicum. We’ll be using this site to share class documents and blog about our readings. Please poke around and ask any questions in the comments.

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